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With Duane Cummings, author, international speaker, Hall of Fame Soccer coach.

Authentic conversations about culture and cultural matters with some of the world’s top influencers. Culture Matters is hosted by Ricardo González, Culturologist and author of The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery and The Cultural Transformation Manifesto.

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Duane Cummings

Duane Cummings on The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery Book by Ricardo Gonzalez

Duane Cummings Duane is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and leader. He is the author of The Sensational Leader and The Sensational Salesman. He is the former CEO of Leadercast and a Hall of Fame Soccer Coach. Duane and Ricardo discuss his time in South Korea, Millenials and their acceptance of socialism in the United States, how to create a winning team with international players, and the recent NBA firestorm with China. This is a must-listen if you are at all interested in multi-cultural leadership.  You can connect with Duane here.