Resources We Offer

Additional Resources at Cultural Mastery

We offer some additional resources that are designed to support expand our goal of creating cultural transformation in our world.

• If you want to try a lesson in the Cultural Mastery course, you can request a trial lesson here.

• Ricardo González is the author of The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery book and The Cultural Transformation Manifesto. The book started the Cultural Mastery movement and is a must-read for anyone who wants to fully understand the process.

• Our weekly podcast called Culture Matters iconrtains authentic cultural conversations between Ricardo and a top influencer who has an authentic cultural story and experience. These are truly amazing conversations. You can listen here.

• If you would like to assess your own cultural health and skill, you can take our assessment online. We admit, it’s a rather deep dive, but it offers valid statistical data on our cultural realities. No one else will see your specific scores.