Culture Matters Podcast Presents the Stories of Culture and Success of Six African American men.

“These conversations transformed the way I view and understand African American men.

These are some of the most compelling conversations you will ever hear with highly successful African American men. Ricardo and his guests discuss African American culture, transition from Africa to America, how to effectively do business with African Americans, growing up in a multi-cultural neighborhood, and even one with Mark Sterling about being raised in a black neighborhood as a Black/Irish biracial man. These are captivating and compelling conversations for anyone wanting to better understand the African American male experience and how to connect with them. If you find value, please share with others below.


Ricardo González
Culture Matters Host

Steve Akinboro on Culture Matters Podcast

Steve Akinboro

Restaurant Executive and
McDonald’s Multi-franchise Owner

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Adrian Bazemore on Culture Matters Podcast

Adrian Bazemore

Director of International Restaurant
Training, Chick-Fil-A

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Emil Ekiyor on Culture Matters Podcast

Emil Ekiyor

Former NFL Player and
Exec. Director of GEO Foundation

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