Below is a great way to quickly learn about CulturalMastery™. These are the main questions we receive from leaders about this amazing process.  Click on the arrow of any question to open the answer.

Cultural Mastery is a process that is designed to fundamentally transform our cultural mindset and skill set. 

Cultural mindset refers to how we view on another and addresses such things as bias, stereotypes, and prejudices. Cultural skill set addresses how we treat one another and address our ability to connect, create and collaborate with people of diverse cultures. 

Our training courses are built around the principles outlined in the book, The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery by Ricardo González.

Participants who go through CulturalMastery™ increase their influence with people of diverse cultures and also learn to protect themselves from committing cultural mistakes that could derail their careers.

Creating a healthy cultural mindset and skill set directly impacts our ability to make decisions that are culturally relevant to our peers, associates, clients, and partners.

Leaders who complete the CulturalMastery™ training are able to connect, create, and collaborate with people of diverse cultures and embrace them properly within an organizational structure. This drives much higher levels of performance, productivity, and profitability.

We are strong allies of DEI leaders to provide them with a professionally designed training framework that will effectively transform the cultural mindset and skill set of both leaders and team members within the organization.

Cultural Mastery effectively addresses areas of bias, empathy, empowerment, and most importantly, cultural endearment.

We follow a three-step approach with organizations that are detailed on this page

We presently offer two different course approaches.

Our Essentials Program is designed to be accessible in both time and finances for most people and organizations. It is a highly-curated experience that teaches the essentials of the Cultural Mastery process.

Our Deep Dive Program requires a much higher level of commitment and time. It also includes one-on-one coaching throughout the process. It is designed for leaders who want and need to have a very high level of cultural skill. This program also requires a student to complete three cultural concentrations.

You can find more detail on these two course options here

You can request a free trial lesson here. This is the first lesson in the CulturalMastery™ Essentials Program entitled What is Culture? This is the best way to experience the course for yourself at no charge.

Every student who goes through the CulturalMastery™ Deep Dive Program is also required to complete three cultural concentrations in a specific people group. Upon completion of the Essentials Program, graduates receive access to one cultural concentration to take at their own pace.

Presently, we offer the following Cultural Concentrations; African-Americans, Asians, C-Level Executives, Economically Distressed, Global Race Relations, Hispanics / Latinos, Indians (from India), LGBTQ+, Millennials, Muslims, Political Divide, Rural Americans, Urban Americans.

We encourage students to choose their cultural concentrations based on  the groups of people with whom they most need to connect or with whom they have difficulty connecting.

Absolutely! In most organizations we start off with a pilot program with an agreed-upon group of people. Upon completion of the pilot program we debrief with corporate decision-makers to determine the specific results of the program based on feedback of the participants and specific data growth points acquired through the process.

Once a decision is made to distribute the course throughout the organization, we will work with you to find the best approach for implementation that aligns with your strategic goals.

We train and certify organizational trainers to lead CulturalMastery™  discussion groups within their organization. We work with organizations to determine their best approach with their associates.

Please view our three-step organizational approach here

Yes, all of our course options qualify for certification. To receive the CCM (Certification in CulturalMastery™) a student must successfully complete the Deep Dive Program which also includes a certification exam that typically takes from 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. Graduates of the Essentials Program receive a Certification in Cultural Mastery Essentials (CCME).

We also provide our graduates with their own certification page so that anyone who wants to review can see an authorized and licensed certification. You can see an example of this type of page here. Certification is offered through our parent company Bilingual America, which is a cultural communications training institute that has been in business since 1992.

We offer a professionally designed cultural health and skill assessment that is both valid and reliable. It measures our cultural health and skill against the principles of Cultural Mastery.

It specifically measures our cultural health and skill in six areas; cultural background, cultural experience, cultural stereotypes and biases, cultural leadership, cultural terminology, and cultural knowledge.

It is a window on the soul and for many people, it is the first step in their journey as they clearly see for the first time their actual cultural health and skill. 

With organizations and teams, we produce a Cultural Health and Skill Report that graphs 30 different data points taken from the assessment. For more information on this report, view this document.

The CulturalMastery™ courses were created from the principles taught in the book, The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery by Ricardo González. After receiving so much positive feedback from the principles and contents of the book, we wanted to create experiences that would be truly transformative for those who want to achieve the highest levels of success with people of diverse cultures. It’s a deep and honest journey into our souls but one all of us should take. We encourage you to check out our different course options here.