The CulturalMastery™ Deep Dive Program provides one of the most meaningful cultural experiences anywhere. Receiving your CICM (certification in cultural mastery) designation will separate you from others when you are seeking employment, promotion, or even to show partners that you’re serious about your own cultural health and skill in today’s world.

Commitment: The program itself takes around 40 hours to complete, and we assign a mentor to guide you as you go through the process. You must be committed to developing your cultural skills to succeed in this program.

Community Access: In addition, you will receive a one-year pass to our Cultural Mastery community which includes access to our library of courses and concentrations, connection with like-minded leaders, and access to our continuing education and development program. For more information on the community, visit here.

Consultation: If you would like to speak with a Cultural Mastery consultant to discuss this program, please contact us here.

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Yovany Jérez - Cultural Mastery

Yovany Jerez

"The CICM is one of my most valuable certifications. What an amazing life-changing experience!"

Deep Dive Certification

Monthly Payments
$ 159
For 12 Months
  • Deep Dive Course
  • Course Certification (CICM)
  • Full Community Access

Community Access

Annual Payment with Deep Dive
$ 1595
Save $324.40
  • Deep Dive Course
  • Course Certification (CICM)
  • Full Community Access