Culture Cast – Conversations with Cultural Leaders

On Culture Cast, Ricardo González, invites highly successful cultural and thought leaders to discuss various aspects of culture, diversity, inclusion and organizational culture. These monthly interviews are open conversations designed to bring high value to our viewers and listeners. They are normally anywhere from 25 to 30 minutes in length.

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INTERVIEW WITH GINGER HARDAGEGinger is the former SVP of Culture and Communications at Southwest Airlines, and founder of Unstoppable Cultures. Ricardo and Ginger discuss healthy and unhealthy corporate cultures, hiring according to values, male and female relationships in the workplace, and how leaders can show true empathy.

INTERVIEW WITH JOE JACOBIJoe Jacobi is an Olympic Gold Medalist and former CEO of USA Canoe and Kayak. He gives great insight into culture and cultural relationships in this interview. Ricardo and Joe discuss the state of leadership in the United State Olympic Committee, managing diverse relationships, and how to create a team that is 100 percent whole.