All CulturalMastery™ courses are designed to transform cultural mindset and skill set. Mindset is how we view one another and skill set is how we treat one another. Mindset addresses such matters as bias, stereotypes, racism, and more. Skill set specifically refers to how we connect, create, and collaborate with one another.

We presently offer two  CulturalMastery™ courses. Both courses are designed and taught by internationally renowned culture expert, Ricardo González.

If you're not 100 percent satisfied after your first two lessons, let us know and we'll give you a few refund.


CulturalMastery™ Essentials is for those who want a fast and economical approach to developing their cultural mindset and skill set.

• Time Commitment: 4 to 5 hours
• Lessons: Seven
One-on-One Coaching: None
• Cultural Concentration: One upon completion of course. Not required to certify in Essentials. Student chooses cultural group.
• Certification: CME (Cultural Mastery Essentials)
• Fee: $300.00


CulturalMastery™ Deep Dive is for those who want a deep and highly personalized experience that leads to a meaningful course credential.

• Time Commitment: 25 to 30 hours
• Lessons: Seven
One-on-One Coaching: Seven 30-minute sessions. 
• Cultural Concentrations: Must complete three cultural concentrations to graduate from this program. Student chooses cultural groups.
• Certification: CCM (Certified in Cultural Mastery)
• Fee: $1200.00