The following books are in the 6 Stages of Culture series and are authored by Ricardo González, who is an internationally recognized expert on culture and cultural communications. 

The 6 Stages of Cultural Sales

The 6 Stages of Cultural Sales by Ricardo Gonzalez

The 6 Stages of Cultural Sales equips marketing and sales professionals to successfully attract and retain diverse clients. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to sell to people of diverse cultures. Increase your sales with The 6 Stages of Cultural Sales! To purchase a copy, click the button below. You can also read the reviews, introduction, and first chapter below if you want to dig in a bit before deciding to buy.

Author: Ricardo González

The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery

Yolanda Treviño, Ph.D.
Ass’t. Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs at Indiana University.

The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery is timeless and transcendent. The principles taught are critical in today’s world of cultural complexity and conflict. Leaders who learn to master culture and how to work effectively with people different from themselves both expand their influence and protect themselves from committing unnecessary cultural mistakes that could derail their careers.

Author: Ricardo González