Cultural Knowledge

1. In which country is it considered taboo to write someone’s name in red ink?…select oneChinaIndonesiaNew GuineaSouth KoreaNorth KoreaRussiaHonestly, I would be guessing2. In which country is camel fighting a spectator sport?…select oneSaudi ArabiaEgyptTurkeySyriaLebanonUzbekistanHonestly, I would be guessing3. In which country is belching sometimes considered a compliment after a meal?…select oneJapanPakistanIndiaUzbekistanBurmaSudanHonestly, I would be guessing4. With which country is the musical genre of bachata most associated?…select onePuerto RicoCubaColombiaDominican RepublicMexicoCuracaoHonestly, I would be guessing5. In which country should you never eat food with your hands?…select oneFranceGermanyItalySpainArgentinaIcelandHonestly, I would be guessing6. In which country does giving flowers with yellow blooms signify deceit or breaking up of a relationship?…select oneNorwaySwedenGermanyRussiaChinaIcelandHonestly, I would be guessing7. Of which country is Lenín Moreno President?…select onePanamaColombiaEcuadorCosta RicaUruguaySpainHonestly, I would be guessing8. How many states are in the United States of Mexico?…select one2227193129There is no United States of MexicoHonestly, I would be guessing9. According to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, during the slave trade years between 1525 and 1866 how many total slaves were sent to the Western Hemisphere?…select one7.6 Million8.9 Million13.7 Million12.5 Million9.2 Million15.3 MillionHonestly, I would be guessing10. Of the slaves who were shipped to the Western Hemisphere during the slave trade years, where did the majority of them end up?…select oneThe Caribbean IslandsThe United StatesBrazilCentral AmericaVenezuela and ColombiaPanamaHonestly, I would be guessing