Cultural Experience

1. To how many foreign countries have you traveled?…select oneNone123 to 56 to 910 or more2. If you have traveled to a foreign country, or were to do so in the future, which best describes your typical approach to travel?…select oneVacation and relaxation time are short so I prefer to go to an all-inclusive resort or nice hotel with my familyI prefer to travel with a group of friends or other tourists and stay in safe group activities in a nice place. If we venture out into the local community we would normally do so as a groupI would most likely travel alone or with a close friend, stay in a nice place, and do some day trips to get to know the native people and cultureI would want to get as close to the local culture as possible and would either stay with a local family or in a small local inn. I want to live and breathe the place where I am goingI have no interest in traveling to foreign countries3. If you knew you were being served worms in Vietnam what would you do?…select oneI just can’t even imagine. The thought of eating worms makes me queasyI would do my best to be polite but refuse to eat themI would make up some sort of an excuse to get out of eating themI would somehow try to get out of it but if they insisted I would eat themI would say thank you and eat them4. Other than a funeral or wedding, how many times in the last five years have you attended a place of worship of another religion just to learn more about them or to visit with a friend who invited you?…select oneNone12 to 34 to 67 to 910 or more5. When you meet a new immigrant in your own country, what is your typical approach to them?…select oneI have a genuine interest and ask a lot of questions to learn about them and their cultureI don’t ask a lot of questions because I don’t want to make them feel uncomfortableI really think that since they are in my country they should be asking me the questions and adapting to usI first want to know if they are in the country legally or illegally before engaging themI very seldom meet new immigrants in my country and have little desire to do so6. When you travel outside of your home country, to what degree are you sensitive about cultural differences?…select oneI have never traveled outside of my own countryWhen I travel, I am like a sponge and just take things in. I make no negative judgements about the country I am visiting. That’s who they are and I don’t try to change themWhen I travel, I tend to be somewhat sensitive to cultural differences and do from time to time make judgements about their culture but keep my thoughts to myselfWhen I travel, I am somewhat sensitive to things around me and do from time to time make judgements about their culture and sometimes have shared those thoughts with others around me, whether those traveling with me, or if necessary to get something done right, even with the native peopleWhen I travel I see it as my moral obligation to try to help people in that country to improve their lives. Because of this, I am normally very engaged in trying to change things for the better7. How many foreign languages do you speak well outside of English?…select oneNone12 to 34 or more8. Of the following cultural or sociological authors and leaders, which one(s) have you read a book of theirs? The book must have been read by your own volition, not as part of an assignment in school. (Not an article, an entire book written by one of the following authors.) (Pick all that apply.)Nelson MandelaGhandiAlvin TofflerRicardo GonzálezMario Vargas LlosaMartin Luther KingT.S. ElliotC.S. LewisMalcolm GladwellBill OReilly9. How many times have you danced to music at a party in the last two years that was of an ethnic genre outside of your own ethnicity? (For example, if you are African-American, dancing to vallenato music from Colombia at a party would qualify.)…select oneZeroOnceTwiceThree timesFour timesFive or more times10. In the past when you have gone to an ethnic cultural event, ethnic business meeting, or traveled to another country, how did you prepare for that time?…select oneBefore going, I spoke with a friend of that group or country about how to best engageBefore going, I didn’t really do anything. I just went with the mindset of learning thereBefore going, I did some reading on that particular ethnic group or country so I wasn’t completely naiveBefore going, in addition to learning about the culture and ethnic group, I made a serious attempt to learn some of their languageI went because I was invited and really didn’t even want to go to be honestI have never done any of those things.