Cultural Mastery for Educators

We live in a culturally complex and challenging world. We help you to successfully connect, create and collaborate with students, parents, and staff of diverse cultures. This will empower you to expand your influence and protect yourself from making cultural mistakes that could negatively affect you or your school.

Our Reality

We’re living in very challenging and complex times culturally where anything we do or say that strikes of cultural insensitivity, prejudice, or even appropriation, can and will be held against us; thus diminishing our influence, limiting our impact with our students and co-workers, and possibly even derailing our careers.

We can help you to develop cultural skills that will equip you to exponentially expand your influence, increase student success rates, and protect you from committing unnecessary cultural mistakes. In this life-changing course, you’ll learn to successfully connect, create and collaborate with people of any culture!

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If you work in K12 schools or University/College settings serving diverse cultures and want to maximize your impact with those you teach and lead, the cultural mastery skill set can help you to achieve your goals while at the same time being a positive force in society.

• Do you want to increase student achievement and engagement?• Do you want a possible employer to hire you based on your cultural skill certification?• Are you an administrator who leads people from diverse backgrounds and need to learn how to motivate them through culturally relevant approaches?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the CulturalMastery™ for Educators experience is for you.

Duane Cummings, Hall of Fame Soccer coach, former CEO of Leadercast and Founder and CEO of The Sensational Group says “If you follow The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery and remain open to the idea that to master culture, you must first master yourself — you can make magic happen with others.”

Would you like to make magic happen with your diverse school community? Would you like your teaching career to be magical? If so, we invite you to join us for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Your Experience

Your experience is composed of a powerful combination of the following elements:

1. Coaching: Participate in interactive bi-weekly group coaching calls with Ricardo González, course creator and author of The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery.2. Course: Full access to the Cultural Mastery for Educators course.3. Concentration: Choose a cultural concentration in which you learn a new culture.4. Communication: Join other students and alumni in a safe zone private LinkedIn group where we discuss culture and cultural happenings in a respectful and transparent manner.5. Certification: Receive professional certification upon successful completion of the course process.6. Continuity: As a graduate benefit, after you finish the course, we’ll provide you with multiple points of continuity and connection so you can continue your cultural journey in meaningful ways.

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Cultural Mastery Course Risk Free Guarantee

The Details

Below are the details of the various elements of your CulturalMastery™ experience. This is a multi-tiered experience that ensures meaningful learning and transformation.


Ricardo González is a recognized global expert in the field of culture and cultural communications. He is the author of the groundbreaking book, The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery and the main teacher in the online Cultural Mastery for Educators course experience. Ricardo’s personal cultural story is both inspiring and heartfelt. His father is one of 27 children from the mountains of Puerto Rico and his mother was an orphan from the State of Kentucky. He jokingly calls himself a Puerto Rican Hillbilly! Cultural Mastery was born out of his desire to help people in cultural conflict and confusion to learn to love and admire one another despite their cultural differences.

When you sign up for this course, you’ll get access to a bi-weekly coaching call with Ricardo in which he adds further insight into the learning process, answers your specific cultural questions, and invites well-known special guests to participate. You will literally receive the highest level of cultural coaching available on the planet!

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In addition to your bi-weekly coaching calls with Ricardo, you’ll get full access to the Cultural Mastery for Educators course online. Each lesson takes about two hours to complete. Although we suggest one lesson per week, you can work through them at your own pace.

The course consists of:

What is Culture?In this module, you’ll learn what culture is and how it truly impacts people. You cannot influence people of other cultures if you do not understand what culture is or how it works.

Stage One – EducationYou’ll learn the seven things you must know about every culture if you want to connect with people. You’ll also learn the three barriers to cultural education. This knowledge will begin to open doors for you that were previously shut.

Stage Two – EngagementEducators must know how to properly engage with others if they are going to connect with them. In this module, you’ll learn how to meaningfully engage with people of other cultures without risking offending them in any way. And, of course, as in all modules, you’ll learn the barriers to true cultural engagement.

Stage Three – EmpathyIn this module, you’ll learn the difference between sympathy and empathy. They are not the same thing. Only true empathy will put you in a position to be passionate about those people you are serving and selling. When people sense your true passion for them and their culture, they are much more inclined to learn from you or collaborate with you. You’ll also learn how true empathy (passion for others) effectively eliminates negative biases and stereotypes.

Stage Four – ExcitementThis is the vision setting stage. When there is true excitement for the relationship, people are ready and willing to create a positive vision together. Learn how and when this happens when you are working with people of other cultures.

Stage Five – EmpowermentAll great educators empower those they lead and teach with something that improves their educational experience, thus improving their life. In this module, you’ll learn the elements of cultural empowerment and how it affects the educational process.

Stage Six – EndearmentEveryone who remembers their own education remembers their teachers, not teaching methods or techniques. The teacher is the heart of the educational system. Schools achieve even higher results when students love their instructors and the same is true of the relationship between practitioners loving their leaders. In this module, you learn how true magic happens.

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In addition to learning how to connect, create and collaborate with people of any culture you’ll also learn and understand a specific culture. You’ll choose one cultural concentration as you go through the course. There are many cultural concentrations available including African Americans, Asians, C-Level Executives, Canadians, Economically Distressed, Global Race Relations, Hispanics / Latinos, Indians (from India), LGBTQ+, Millenials, Muslims, Political Left, Political Right, Rural Americans, and Urban Americans. You choose, you learn!

Ricardo Gonzalez -Author-Culture Expert


Communicate with other Cultural Masters in our private LinkedIn group. This is a safe zone where we openly and respectfully discuss cultural issues that affect us all on a daily basis. After you complete Stage One in the course you’ll be invited to join this diverse group of Cultural Mastery students and graduates. Not only will you enjoy some great discussions, but you’ll also be updated on current cultural events, and meet some other amazing people. It’s definitely the place to be for cultural dialogue and growth.

Cultural Mastery LinkedIn Discussion Group


You’ll receive a stylish and modern certificate upon successful completion of your final exam and the learning processes. Being certified as a graduate of the Cultural Mastery™ Educator Course will open up new and better opportunities for you with educational systems that value your cultural skills. Certification is contingent upon successful completion of the course experience within three months of start date.


Culture is ever evolving and will always challenge us at our deepest levels. To help our graduates stay current with meaningful cultural information and teaching, we produce a monthly Cultural Mastery newsletter. You’ll enjoy a lifelong subscription so you can continue your cultural learning experience. In addition, you’ll receive access to Ricardo’s coaching calls for a period of one year from your date of purchase. As an additional bonus, upon graduation from the program, you can choose three additional cultural concentrations to continue your learning process. Of course, you’ll have continued access to the private LinkedIn discussion group.

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The Cost

The cost of not becoming a Cultural Master in today’s complex cultural environment may be much higher than the small investment necessary to receive this important training. One can easily think of people who have lost their careers and destroyed their brands by a cultural misstep. People like Paula Dean, Papa John Schattner, Donald Sterling (former NBA franchise owner), Michael Richards (Kramer), and a host of many others. As a professional educator, just one misstep with a cultural group can cost you big time!

The fee for this $1200.00. This includes full online access to the CulturalMastery™ for Educators course, access to your bi-weekly coaching calls with Ricardo González, one cultural concentration, communication in our private LinkedIn group, certification, and the continuity program.

After you graduate, you’ll not only have the full benefit of being able to successfully connect, create and collaborate with people of diverse cultures, you’ll also have a valuable professional certification that many schools and organizations will consider when you are seeking employment.

Act now and transform your life and career as an educator. Click the button below to start this transformative process. Once you order, you’ll get immediate access to the CulturalMastery™ course for Educators.

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