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Cultural Mastery Concentration in Black Americans

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Meet Cultural Mastery's Visionary

Ricardo González is the founder and CEO of Bilingual America. He is an author, public speaker, and trusted advisor to leaders around the world. To view Ricardo’s full bio and webpage, go to

He is the principal developer of the CulturalMastery™ Deep Dive Course, is very engaged in the leadership community here, and is part of the team that provides continuous development and education.

Ricardo is the author of The 6 Stages of Cultural MasteryThe 6 Stages of Cultural SalesThe Cultural Transformation Manifesto, and The 12 Hidden Truths to Learning Spanish. Also, he is the primary developer of the following courses; CulturalMastery™, LíderesExitosos™ SpanishPower™, and InglésPoderoso™.

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